Resolve to improve your life

Did you make a New Year's resolution? Studies show that 80% of Americans who make New Year’s resolutions do not follow through. The findings suggest that success depends on creating goals that are realistic, specific, measurable, and fun. In addition, keeping track of progress and being prepared for inevitable obstacles are key.

Which area of your life are you ready to improve? How committed are you? Can you identify one goal that is measurable, practical, and fun?

If the word "exercise" makes you wince, come up with a fun way to burn extra calories this year. Perhaps you would enjoy an hour of wii or wii fitness two or three times per week? Wii tennis and wii boxing can be excellent cardio workouts. And, Wii fitness will keep track of your progress for you.

To be successful, lose the “all” or “nothing” mentality. Many of us are either “on” or “off” a program. We label behavior as “good” or “bad.” We categorize foods as “good” or “bad.” Dichotomous thinking is often counterproductive. It leads people to believe “I just ate three cookies, so I’m OFF the program… I might as well devour the entire box.” Instead, allow yourself one small treat each day. In moderation, all foods can fit into a healthy, balanced diet.

Expect unforeseen hurdles along the way. Setbacks are normal. Be patient with yourself. Significant changes do not happen overnight. We all fall down. The key is to muster the strength to get back up. For a bit of inspiration, check out this short video of Nick Vujicic, a man with no limbs.