Positive Feedback

Our January 3-8 “Fit Health into Life” at Devon Hiking Spa program was a blast. In perfect weather (70 degrees and sunny), our participants challenged themselves physically, on the hiking trails, and mentally, in restaurants where portion sizes were often excessive. We laughed a lot and cheered each other on. When our youngest (19-year-old) participant, admittedly not a morning person, made it to the 7:00 AM stretch class on day four, she received a hearty applause!

Although all of our groups appear to enjoy the experience, we routinely ask participants to complete a short survey to share their thoughts about the program. As usual, the feedback was very positive. Following are direct quotes from some of our most recent participants:

“I wish I could have done it all. I loved what I did. I would recommend it to any friends and family looking to get in great hiking OR lose weight OR get conscious about food. You paid incredible attention to detail....from the massages to the wonderful backpack and its contents and your guides, who deserve mention as being absolutely fantastic and fun. Thanks for a really enjoyable trip!”

“It was very well run and I had a great time! I loved all of the guides and everyone on the trip. I got a lot out of it, especially the hiking.”

“It is a very well organized program that enabled me to incorporate movement in to my daily life. I had a wonderful time.”

“Very enjoyable, educational, and worthwhile.”